You’re not alone if repulsed by the dried crust around the cap on your tube of toothpaste, the 'soap snot' at the bottom of the shower gel or even the dry cracked soap covered in hair.

These are “icks” caused by chemicals in bathroom products, with examples going on public show in Hackney this month.

A collection has been shot by photographer Angèle Châtenet, which is being displayed in London’s first “icks-hibition” opening at Hackney Downs Studios January 15.

It peels back layers of people’s daily routines to expose what its promoters say is “the oddly-compelling and occasionally unsettling” aspects of their dislikes in the bathroom.

Angèle was commissioned by Life Supplies “vegan-friendly” bathroom products based in Shoreditch to shed light on the universally-experienced moments people often overlook or want to ignore.

The free exhibition staged at the Spazio Leone design store and gallery at the studios in Amhurst Terrace, Lower Clapton, runs till January 20, from 10am to 6pm.